chickadee » qrencode » MQR-encode-string

(QR-encode-string string [version] [level] [encoding] [case-sensitive?])procedure
(MQR-encode-string string [version] [level] [encoding] [case-sensitive?])procedure

Encodes the given string into a QR code. Returns two values: a u8vector containing the pixel values of the QR code (255 for white and 0 for black) and the number of pixels per row/column of the code. version is the desired QR version (between 0 and 40 or 0 and 4 for Micro QR, with 0 being automatic, defaults to 0). level is the level of error correction (between 0 and 3, defaults to 2). encoding is the encoding type and should be one of #:numeric, #:alpha-numeric, #:8-bit, #:kanji, #:eci, #:fnc-first, or #:fnc-second (defaults to #:8-bit). case-sensitive? is a boolean, defaulting to #t.

The string must be short enough to be encoded using the given version, level, encoding, and case-sensitive?. Otherwise an error will be thrown.

MQR-encode-string is the Micro QR version of QR-encode-string.