chickadee » phricken » make-url-entry

(make-entry type name sel #!optional (host (host)) (port (port)))procedure
make-info-entry #!rest msgprocedure
make-error-entry #!rest msgprocedure
make-url-entry name urlprocedure

make-entry creates a record consisting of the five main fields in RFC 1436, in the fashion of gopher#make-entry. Here, the host and port fields are optional and will be filled in from the (host) and (port) module parameters. Fields may be of any type, as they are converted to strings via ->string before sending.

The other three procedures are convenience functions creating entries of type i, 3 and h respectively. As in pygopherd, info and error entries have their selectors set to "fake", hosts to "(NULL)", and ports to "0".


(make-entry 'I "Picture of me" "/me.jpg")
(make-info-entry "There are " time-til-boom " seconds until self-destruct")