chickadee » objc » objc:class


A record representing an Objective C class.

nameClass name as a string.
method-listList of instance methods. The format is ((NAME . SIGNATURE) ...), but may change in the future to a list of objc:method records.
class-method-listList of class methods.
super-classSuperclass of this class (as an objc:class).
meta-classMetaclass of this class (as an objc:class).
ivar-listList of all instance variables in this class (as objc:raw-ivar records).
ivarsList of ivars in this class defined in Scheme (as objc:ivar records).
all-ivarsAggregate list of objc:ivar records from the class hierarchy.

A note on instance variables: the bridge generates objc:ivar records only for ivars defined in Scheme. However, objc:raw-ivar records are available for all instance variables. This API (ivar-list / ivars / all-ivars) is new and subject to change.