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(start-sender name sender-constructor (category category-spec) [(output output-spec)])syntax

Create and register a sender for the given categories. This sender will only react on matching categories.

  • name: A name to identify this sender
  • sender-constructor: One of the available constructors, see sender-constructors
  • category-spec: A specification of the categories to match in order for the sender to be applied
  • output-spec: A specification of the output-formatter. See outputs for details
;;start a port-sender for the category 'model' that outputs the data as "category message"
(start-sender model-sender (port-sender (current-output-port)) (output (category message)) (category model))
;;start a port-sender that matches any category
(start-sender catchall-sender (port-sender (current-output-port)) (category *))