chickadee » lmdb-lolevel » mdb-env-set-maxreaders

mdb-env-set-maxreaders env readersprocedure

Set the maximum number of threads/reader slots for the environment.

This defines the number of slots in the lock table that is used to track readers in the the environment. The default is 126. Starting a read-only transaction normally ties a lock table slot to the current thread until the environment closes or the thread exits. If MDB_NOTLS is in use, (mdb-txn-begin) instead ties the slot to the MDB_txn object until it or the MDB_env object is destroyed. This function may only be called after (mdb-env-create) and before (mdb-env-open).

An environment handle returned by (mdb-env-create)
The maximum number of reader lock table slots

Some possible error conditions:

(exn lmdb EINVAL)
an invalid parameter was specified, or the environment is already open.