chickadee » interp1d » interp1d:from-sequence


Constructs a sliding window interpolation procedure, for a given sequence YDATA that contains uniformly sampled values of a function y = f(x), where X has an initial value of START (default 0) and is incremented by STEP amount. The returned procedure performs interpolation using the given METHOD procedure, while the window is shifted forwards by the appropriate amount if X is outside the current window range. Backward shifting is not supported.

Argument METHOD is one of the interpolation procedures above.

Optional argument START specifies the initial (smallest) X and defaults to 0.

Optional arguments CAR, CDR, NULL? are used to access YDATA and default to the standard list procedures. If the input sequence is not a list (e.g. an SRFI-40 stream), these arguments can be used to specify the appropriate accessors and predicates.

Optional arguments DELTA-WINDOW-LEN and MAX-WINDOW-LEN specify the window increment (default 4) and maximum window size (default 128).