chickadee » gl-utils » mesh-transform-append

(mesh-transform-append MESH-TRANSFORM-PAIRS [position-name: POSITION-NAME] [normal-name: NORMAL-NAME])procedure

Creates a new mesh resulting by appending all the given meshes together, then transforming the attribute named by POSITION-NAME by the given gl-math transform matrices. MESH-TRANSFORM-PAIRS are (MESH TRANSFORM [NORMAL-TRANSFORM]) tuples. POSITION-NAME defaults to 'position and must be the name of a three element float attribute of MESH. If NORMAL-NAME (defaulting to 'normal) is the name of an attribute in the given mesh, this attribute will be transformed by the inverse-transpose of the transform matrices. If NORMAL-TRANSFORM is present, it will be used instead of the TRANSFORM matrix for normal transformations. The attributes of all the meshes are assumed to be the same, otherwise bad things will probably happen.