chickadee » gl-utils » load-ply-mesh

(load-ply-mesh FILE vertex: VERTEX face: FACE)procedure

Similar to load-ply, but returns a mesh. FILE is a PLY file (which may be gziped). The PLY file must contain at least the elements vertex and face (other elements will be ignored). VERTEX is a list of (ATTRIBUTE-NAME PROPERTY-NAME ...) elements, which specifies which PLY properties are associate with which attribute, in which order. Attributes are all normalized. All properties named by each element of VERTEX must be of the same type. FACE is the name of the face property list.

Again, for a PLY file that has element vertex with properties float x, float y, float z, float confidence, uchar r, uchar g, and uchar b, as well as a element face with a property list uchar ushort vertex_index, the following could be used:

   (load-ply-mesh "example.ply" vertex: `((position x y z) 
                                         (color r g b))
                               face: vertex_index)

This would create a mesh with vertex attributes (position #:float 3) and (color #:unsigned-byte 3 normalized: #t) and the #:unsigned-short indices given by vertex_index.