chickadee » gl-utils » bytevector-f32-set!

bytevector-u8-set! BYTEVECTOR K UNSIGNED-BYTEprocedure
bytevector-s8-set! BYTEVECTOR K BYTEprocedure
bytevector-u16-set! BYTEVECTOR K UNSIGNED-SHORTprocedure
bytevector-s16-set! BYTEVECTOR K SHORTprocedure
bytevector-u32-set! BYTEVECTOR K UNSIGNED-INTprocedure
bytevector-s32-set! BYTEVECTOR K INTprocedure
bytevector-u64-set! BYTEVECTOR K UNSIGNED-LONGprocedure
bytevector-s64-set! BYTEVECTOR K LONGprocedure
bytevector-f32-set! BYTEVECTOR K FLOATprocedure
bytevector-f64-set! BYTEVECTOR K DOUBLEprocedure

Sets the byte K of the given bytevector to be the value of the given fixnum or flonum. These functions are unsafe, so be sure K is a valid location in the bytevector.