chickadee » estraier-client » get-document

get-document base-uri node #!key id uriprocedure

Fetch the document identified by id or uri at node. You must supply one of id or uri, but not both. Returns two values: the document's contents (a list of strings, representing lines in the document) and the document's attributes (an alist with symbols as keys and strings as values).


(get-document "http://admin:admin@localhost:1978" "testnode" uri: "test1")
("Hello there, this is another quick test")
((#nodelabel . "testnode")
 (#nodeurl . "http://localhost:1978/node/testnode")
 (@digest . "34736f47d003748e7c6896a5931070dc")
 (@id . "8")
 (@uri . "test1"))