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eggdoc:transform DOC #!optional STYLESHEETprocedure
eggdoc->html DOC #!optional STYLESHEETprocedure

Transform the SXML document DOC using the optional SXSLT stylesheet STYLESHEET. If not specified, the built-in stylesheet will be used, which is also accessible with (eggdoc:make-stylesheet). Transformation output is displayed to current-output-port. Also returns the parse result as an alist (see eggdoc:result).

This is a generic transformer which by default outputs HTML, but can be overridden by other eggs (such as eggdoc-svnwiki) to output other formats. By default, eggdoc:transformer will invoke eggdoc->html/really.

eggdoc->html is a deprecated alias to eggdoc:transform and historically was the entry point to eggdoc. The name is a misnomer, as it can be overridden to generate other formats.