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dissect object #!optional inport outportprocedure

Dissect invokes the dissector. If given, inport & outport specify the ports to & from which commands & output are read & written.

Dissector commands are put each on single lines. The first part of the line should be a symbol. The remainder of the line consists of arguments to the command. After certain commands, a summary of the focus object may be printed. This summary is truncated to fit within your terminal. (Actually, it's truncated to fit within 72 lines. But that's usually enough for most terminals. And this doesn't necessarily apply if using a custom printer.) Other commands may print a selection from the menu of an object's components. In this selection is printed summaries of a number of an object's components. Each component is given a particular index; this index may be used to select the respective subcomponent of the focus object. A list of dissector commands and help for them can be acquired with the help command, or the ? alias for it.