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(ck s 'v)syntax
(ck s (op ...))syntax

This is the core ck macro, which implements the CK abstract machine. This macro's public interface has two shapes: one with a quoted value, and one with a CK-macro call.

The stack, used internally by this macro. When initially invoking this macro, s should be the empty list, e.g. (ck () (c-cons '+ '(1 2))).
A quoted value. Can be a quoted list, symbol, or other literal value. The quote is necessary, even for literal values like strings, numbers, and booleans.
(op ...)
A CK-macro call without the s argument, such as (c-cons '+ '(1 2)). Nested calls are allowed, such as (c-cons '+ (c-list '1 '2)).