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(graph-edge-remove (G <multidigraph>) u v [id])method
(graph-edge-remove (G <multigraph>) u v [id])method
(graph-edge-remove (G <digraph>) u v)method
(graph-edge-remove (G <graph>) u v)method
(graph-edge-remove! (G <multidigraph>) u v [id])method
(graph-edge-remove! (G <multigraph>) u v [id])method
(graph-edge-remove! (G <digraph>) u v)method
(graph-edge-remove! (G <graph>) u v)method

Removes an edge u->v from the graph G. For multigraph types, if id is specified, it removes the edge u->v with ID id, otherwise removes all edges u->v. For undirected graphs, the edge u->v and v->u are both removed, as there is no distinction between the two.

Raises an error if the edge u->v does not exist in graph G.

the graph to remove the edge from
the head vertex
the tail vertex
(multigraph-types only) Specifies which edge with this identifier to remove, or removes all edges u->v if this is #f or not passed in.