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apropos PATTERN #!key macros? qualified? sort case-insensitive? raw? base splitprocedure

Displays information about symbols matching PATTERN in the toplevel environment.

A symbol, string, irregex, irregex-sre, (quote symbol), (quote string). When unquoted symbol or string substring matching is performed. When quoted the string value is taken as an irregex regular expression string for use with search. Should PATTERN be a namespace qualified symbol the namespace will be dropped before conversion to a regular-expression.
Either #t to include macros, or #f to skip them. Default is #f.
Either #t to include qualified symbols or #f to skip them. Default is #f.
Either #t to use match case-insensitivity for the PATTERN or #f to be case-sensitive. Default is #f.
Either #:name for an symbol sort, #:module for an module symbol sort, or #:type for a type+indentifier sort, or #f for unsorted. Default is #:type.
Either #:name for an symbol match, #:module for an module match, or #f for any. Default is #f.
Do not strip identifier symbols. The default is #f. Use #:raw? #t when apropos is suspected of hiding information.
fixnum in 2..16. The default is 10. BASE is used to convert a number to a string PATTERN. Of dubious utility. But can fix the situation of entering a hex number, say #x1c, for the pattern using the REPL and matching against 28!